A home is made up of many things. We shape the interiors of our homes through color choices, lighting, and design; we add artwork and special details to make the place our own and reflect our own interests, uses and tastes. At the heart of our homes, however, no matter what our personal style, are the furniture pieces that we rest on, play on, and dine on. They add comfort and style. At their best, they shape the place we live by making it a true home. Adding a new piece of furniture can do more than a fresh coat of paint or new drapes; it can redefine and enliven a room.

But as important as choosing new furniture is, it can also be a tiring and overwhelming process. Most furniture stores offer a few things that you like and an even smaller selection of in-stock items that you love and can comfortably afford. That is why it’s smart to start your search at a store that provides a wide range of options as well as a helpful staff, like The Furniture Mall. You’ll find a massive selection of furniture pieces, from contemporary to classic, in one convenient location. Competitively priced and well-stocked, The Furniture Mall offers furniture from eight different independent retailers. With over 15,000 furniture pieces to choose from, you are sure to find something that is just right for your home!


Furniture trends are exciting right now. Glamorous, eye-catching pieces are in vogue, so it’s the ideal time to look for something special. Leather, metallic details, and bold statement pieces are popular and add a lively touch to any room; modernist retro pieces that blend form and function with a splash of colour are also at the height of popularity, and there‚Äôs never been a better time to take a chance. At The Furniture Mall, you can take your time perusing stylish leather furniture and comfortable dining and living room sets that are both luxurious and competitively priced. Explore the metallic furniture trend with throw pillows or a modern dining room set– there’s something to fit every lifestyle.

Whatever the style, brand name, or price range you are seeking, a store like The Furniture Mall is one of the most popular Toronto furniture stores where you can find it all. Looking to step outside the box with innovative, modern pieces, or simply need traditional solid wood furniture that will stand the test of time? Perhaps innovative pieces of solid ebony, rosewood or teak, with hand carving by a skilled artisan, will be just the thing to add great beauty and ambiance to a room. It’s all available under one roof, no more driving around town to find the right piece. Lighting is covered too, with everything from designer chandeliers to attractive table lamps.

With so much to choose from in one place, why spend your time driving to different furniture stores and exhausting yourself and your family? Instead, make one trip to The Furniture Mall and browse beautiful showrooms filled with thousands of beautiful, affordable pieces. Let shopping for furniture be a pleasure.

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