In today’s economic climate, with more people either downsizing or moving away for work and new beginnings, the business of renting storage containers has been growing exponentially and changing rapidly. With the many advantages this new shift in storage and storage mobility presents its users, it can still be difficult to figure out exactly what kind of storage is best for you and your needs. Portable storage is one of the newest and hottest options out there for anyone looking for the convenience and helpfulness of a storage and moving service, without the extra cost or risk associated with using movers. There are several things that put this kind of storage above the rest – let’s take a look at a few.

To begin, there is the issue of convenience and easy accessibility. One of the biggest problems with packing your belongings away and sending them to a storage unit is that there’s inevitably a large amount of travel time and expenses used on dealing with the ins and outs of this process. With a portable unit, there’s no more travel time wasted driving to a stationary storage facility and dealing with cramped facilities and irritated site managers. As portable storage containers are usually small to medium sized, they are easy to maneuver and place in most any preferred position on one’s private property. In addition, they allow users the flexibility to load and unload and even rearrange their belongings at will without any pressure.

stationary storage facility

There’s also the issue of security. At a storage facility, break-ins occur regularly with no guarantee of items being restored or compensated for in any way. Many renters do carry insurance; however, some find them an added expense with no real guarantee of indemnification on possible losses. Cost-wise, renters will find that using portable storage containers instead of rental units in a facility benefits their bottom line as well. With rising costs associated with both renting a storage facility and the uncertainty factor of not knowing if the personal belongings are safe or not, home and business owners find their costs actually lower when opting for portable storage containers.

You also want to be sure that the method of storage you use has facilities around your area as well as in other cities and provinces in order to best serve you. A portable storage company like CubeIt in Canada is a great example of a storage company with versatility and flexibility when it comes to location; they offer everything from bin rental options in Burlington to storage and rentals across Ontario and the rest of Canada.
Portable storage pods usually have space for up to one and a half rooms’ worth of belongings. This obviously makes for less stressful loading on a room-by-room basis. Not surprisingly, many long-lost items turn up after such a project. Without having any movers waiting on a family or rushing to meet a deadline, pod containers are perfect for fast pickups when people are ready to go.

Whether a family or person wants to physically relocate or simply re-organize all their belongs, the days of big moving vans and cardboard paper boxes are fast coming to a close. Portable storage units are the way of the future!

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